You can subscribe three different ways: Through the web portal, APPLE iTunes Store or Google Play Store.  Any one subscription will provide access to all platforms: Desktop browser, APPLE phone and Google/Android Phone.

We have several options when subscribing: Hobby Pilot, Commercial Pilot, Organization and Organization Pilot.  To subscribe you can create an account by selecting the Individual Dashboard icon in the upper right corner of the mapping software (Web portal and both apps).  To access the web portal you can go to Once you select the dashboard icon you can either sign in or “Create A New Account”.  When creating a new account you are given the options of what type of account you would like to register for (You can upgrade an account after you subscribe).  During registration you can choose to have a trial period or you can subscribe for a month, 6 months or for a year with discounts for the longer timeframes.

Parcel data is visible upon request based on a map touch.  This feature is best seen when using the Satellite or Outdoors base layer. When zoomed in to the map close enough to see the roof tops of the houses, the user can touch the map or select the roof top with the curser and a pop up box will appear.  Inside that pop up box will be the layer selections (if any) and map coordinates along with the Get Parcel Details button and the Get Weather button.  If you are not zoomed in enough the Get Parcel Details will not appear.

Once you have selected the Get Parcel Details the system will return the boundary of the area selected and the ownership details.  This information is pulled from Third Party venders and will need to be verified independently for critical use.

A NOTAM UOA is a notification to manned aviation of your intention to fly in an area you are authorized to fly.  Filing a UOA NOTAM is required by most agency COA’s as part of the compliance requirements written within their COA authorization. A part 107 pilot is not allowed to file a NOTAM as they are required to follow the Part 107 Rules and obtain authorization to fly in controlled airspace by using the LAANC system through USS’s or the Drone Zone web portal.

  • The Automated UAS NOTAM UOA (Notice To Airman for Unmanned Operational Area ) Service is for use only by UAS operators that are required to file by their COA.
  • An NOTAM UOA submittal does not authorize the pilot to fly in any airspace but it does fulfill the obligations required under agency COAs.
  • Operators must only submit NOTAM UOA’s for actual operations.
  • Improper use of this service may result in the termination of an operator’s access to the service.

The NOTAM UOA, once submitted, is given to the general aviation pilot when they request a flight briefing from Leidos Flight Services at  This allows general aviation to plan around drone activity that may be in the area of their flight path.

This will greatly depend on the Flight Services system but most request for NOTAM UOAs will appear on the app in less than a minute when the screen refreshes.

We understand that from time to time users may want to unsubscribe from the UASidekick subscription.  If you unsubscribe due to issues that you are having we would like to understand more about your experience and let us know how we can improve.  Users will need to unsubscribe by logging into their store account for either Apple iTunes or Google Play.  You cannot unsubscribe from within the UASidekick app.  If you are using an Apple Device you can see how to unsubscribe here by accessing your iTunes Account.  If you are using an Android Device you can see how to unsubscribe here by logging into your Google Play settings. If you are using the web portal and Stripe to subscribe you can cancel your subscription by selecting “Cancel” under Subscription in your personal dashboard when logged in to the web portal.

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