What Is UASidekick

UASidekick is a software development company that provides services to the aviation industry, in particular the drone or UAV segment.  We provide airspace awareness using integrations to display essential data to the drone pilot and facilitate communications for all who interact with the drone industry. UASidekick is connected to Flight Service, FAA LAANC system and Micro Weather data service.  Our first integration was to Flight Service which provides air traffic briefings to 80,000 manned aviators every week.

UASidekick is developed by aviation pilots for the aviation industry and the general public.   Our goal was to first provide quick and easy access to critical components of the regulatory system.  Authorization request through UASidekick are streamlined  and are the avenue for UAV pilots to fulfill various regulatory requirements mandated by the FAA to operate a drone in National Air Space (NAS). We quickly expanded our services to enhance flight management by incorporating interactive mapping functions and flight logging.

As we grow we are committed to the “Safer Skies” mindset and are working closely with industry professionals to further the implantation of a UAS safety culture.  We do this by collaborating with key stakeholders, including public and private partnerships like UAST and the ARC to help influence and streamline proposed  processes.  It takes all parties to make this initiative successful; we hope you find our solutions not only helpful but also instrumental in your daily operations.

Why We Took On This Challenge:

The UASidekick app was originally developed due to the struggles the UAV pilot faced to maintain compliance with FAA requirements – it quickly grew to encompass much more.   The development and continual improvement of this software is centered around user experience and is shaped by the Safe Sky’s initiatives promoted by the industry. We have continued to steer the development of the app towards the support of airspace de-confliction and the improvement of communications between pilots, federal entities, and the general public.  The collaboration between UASidekick and the grassroots efforts of industry involved organizations like the Coalition of UAS Professionals provides a strong platform for UASidekick to facilitate the successful growth of unmanned aerial robotics in technology, educational programs, and public outreach. We are pilots, and we have invested in the idea that there is a better way to do things.  We also believe that the workload associated with many of the necessary tasks of flying can be eased through technology and enhanced communication.   Our commitment to you is to continue improving our software based on your feedback and ideas,  iteratively releasing new features that will help both the UAS sector and the public it serves. Thank you for your support as we endeavor to help grow this amazing industry.


171,744 Remote Pilot Certificates
1,563,263 Registered Drones
2.6 Mil Drones Registered In The US In 2024
148,000 LAANC Auto Approvals Dec 2019*
30,000 LAANC Further Coordination Approvals Dec 2019*
466,900 Total Part 61 Pilots*
212,335 Registered Manned Aircraft*
19,636 US Airports