UASidekick Services

The Reasons You’ll Love It


Request immediate LAANC authorization for commercial and recreational flights.

LAANC Connected APP

File a LAANC for commercial and recreational flights conducted in LAANC ready controlled air space.

NOTAM UOA Submittal

Graphic interface for submitting NOTAM UOAs to the FAA.


We collaborate with the FAA to provide an easy-to-use interface for pilots to submit NOTAM UOAs.


Detailed weather information at your fingertips.

Weather That Matters

Since weather is so important for all flight we included access to the industries best weather provider Climacell.


Parcel boundary and ownership information.


Select areas on the map to verify ownership and help with project and boundary location.


Admins can manage organization pilots, drones and flights.

Manage pilots and drones

Manage teams of pilots, drones and  flights through an easy to use administrative panel.

Choose How You Access UASidekick Services

Web Portal • Mobile Apple App • Mobile Android App

“One subscription gives you access to all platforms”

Web Portal Access

To subscribe to UASidekick through the Web Portal select the web portal link above and register by selecting the User Icon in the upper right corner and choosing which type of services you need: Hobbyist, Commercial or Organization.  If you choose Hobby or Single Commercial Pilot, you will have a free trial and can file three flight plans before you decide if you want to purchase.  When you’re ready you can go to subscriptions in your dashboard and subscribe with a monthly, 6 month or yearly option.  If you have a commercial pilot subscription and want to upgrade to an organization later you can through the subscription options in your dashboard.

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